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Although our vets can treat the majority of our patients here, there are times when we believe that the best care for your pet requires us to refer you to another veterinary surgeon or specialist.

We have a visiting Certificate Holder in Dermatology. There is also a Physiotherapist who regularly visits to help our patients find their feet and get mobile. This means that we can offer a wide range of services under one roof without the need to refer you further away.

We use the following specialists:

What do you mean by 'Certificate Holder'?

When a Veterinary Surgeon develops a special interest within the field of Veterinary Surgery or Medicine he or she can take additional examinations to gain this further qualification.

Numerous subjects are available including surgery; cardiology (heart medicine); ophthalmology (eyes – medicine and surgery); dermatology (skin) amongst many others.

The Veterinary Surgeon needs to have a certain level of experience, have dealt with enough cases and written up a series of reports to a high level before being allowed to take the examinations. It is a recognised and difficult qualification to gain.