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Nurse Training

The veterinary nursing NVQ qualification requires hard work from the student and a great deal of support from us. To maintain our Training Practice status we have independent inspections annually to check on our standard of equipment, premises and support materials as well as making sure that we have suitably qualified staff available to tutor the students. More information about Veterinary Nursing and training can be found on the British Veterinary Nursing Association website.

What are Student Veterinary Nurses?

These are members of our nursing team in the process of being taught both externally – our students are on day release courses at local Colleges; and internally by our qualified Clinical Coaches, to achieve NVQ Levels 2 and 3 Veterinary Nursing qualifications.

Who teaches the Student Veterinary Nurses?

Apart from ongoing help and support by all our Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses we have further qualified members of the team as Clinical Coaches, to guide and mentor our students according to NVQ/TP guidance and regulations. The Clinical Coaches are themselves regularly examined and must attend external annual meetings to maintain their qualification. Clinical Coaches and their students are allocated specific training times on our rota to complete their nursing progress log which is part of their training programme.