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Free Rabbit Health Checks

June Special Offer

We are dedicating the whole month of June to our rabbit friends by offering Free rabbit health checks as we want to help raise awareness of the importance of caring for our rabbits in the best possible way.

Bring your rabbit along for an appointment with ​one of our Veterinary Nurses​ and talk about any of the following topics:

  •     Feeding
  •     Preventing flystrike
  •     Vaccinations
  •     Teeth
  •     Exercise and housing

Even if you think your rabbit is perfectly well, it’s worth chatting with one of our Nurses as you can pick up all kinds of useful advice on rabbit care and welfare​, plus a free goody bag! 

Please note that our Nurses are not qualified to diagnose any medical conditions so if your rabbit is unwell, please book a normal consultation with one of our Vets.

We look forward to seeing you and your bunny soon!