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Professional Home Flea Treatment

As the central heating is switched on each year we tend to see an increase in flea related problems in our patients.

For every flea that is seen on an animal, there can be hundreds of eggs around the home.

The warmth of the central heating helps trigger the eggs to hatch so pets start to scratch and we, too, can end up with itchy ankles from flea bites!

A new company has been set up locally by two qualified Environmental Health Officers offering a professional, discrete service to treat your home against fleas this autumn. They are offering discounts on their usual charge of £90, as follows:

  • 10% discount for Moor Cottage clients bringing the cost down to £80
  • 20% discount for VIP Club members bringing the cost down to £62

Whilst we help you to treat your pet regularly with appropriate products, the home can remain a source of new fleas. There are household sprays available but we believe that this new service provides a more complete protection especially important where some pets (as well as their owners) may be more sensitive to the presence of fleas.

Please see the PDF brochure and call 0800 710 1006 for further details or to book an appointment.