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October - December

Sally and Brian sent us a great tribute of the pets we have helped them look after over the years.

Louise, thank you very much for the lovely card.

It wasn't an easy decision saying goodbye to Barney after such a long and sometimes difficult journey. You were brilliant from start to finish and I'm not sure I could have said that sad final goodbye if you hadn't been there. Thank you for the many calls when you said you'd call, explaining everything so well and for trying all you could with Barney.

Everyone at Moor Cottage was so kind to us

Thank you to Kate and Alex who we saw when you were not in, all the ladies on reception who were always very nice especially Brenda who was there with the right words when I needed them and the nurses who looked after Barney so well during his stays in hospital. We couldn't have asked for better treatment. Thank you all for your care and kindness.

Helen Thomas and family.

Dear All,

Just a token to say a big "thank you" to all of you who helped care for Amber especially the people who I did not meet - Amber was always excited and pleased to go to the vets!

Thank you so much


To Roberta, Louise, Vets and Nurses that cared for Frankie day and night

Just a note to say a huge thank you for saving Frankie's life and returning her to us!

You have been fantastic


Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and understanding whilst treating our cat Ollie, through your help we managed two more wonderful months with him, so a very big thank you to Kate!

He will be greatly missed, also another thank you to Kate for her treatment to Max who we are happy to say is now fit and well

Once again a big thank you to all your wonderful staff

Karen and Mark Butler

Dear Kate, Louise and all at Moor Cottage

I would like to thank you all for the devotion, love, care and attention you gave Jasper both over the years and very recently during his last days.

You are all very special people, dedicating your life to animals, looking after their health and well being.

Thank you so so much!

I miss Jasper very much...but you are so correct... I have many many lovely memories!

Thank you once again


Dear Alwyn

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a fabulous experience we've just had at MCVH.

Both dogs were in for their annual check-up/booster with Kate on Tuesday; she was very thorough and gave us a lot of her time, focusing on each dog. Not the easiest remit, given that both were in the consulting room at the same time, but she managed it! In Barley's case, we had a very productive conversation about strategies for managing her arthritis.

Yesterday, Barley was in for the now-legendary x-rays. All staff we have interacted with in the last couple of days, without exception, have been friendly and helpful. Sally, who is always very welcoming and personable; Pauline, Brenda and Alison, likewise; Helen, who admitted Barley yesterday; Ellie, who rang with the update; Kate, who took a lot of trouble to go through the x-rays with me and explain her thoughts on the findings.

As you know, I've been bringing my dogs to MCVH since September 1993 (so 21 years - we don't look a day older, do we?), and because I've always been very happy with the service and the facilities you offer, I wouldn't consider going elsewhere.

Dear Louise

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for Barney. I'm not naïve enough to think that there won't be further problems along the way but for now you have given us the old Barney back. Barney who is alert, wants cuddles, will go for a walk, run off the lead and who steals our food!! He is a very special boy who should enjoy life where he is no longer abused*. Thank you for giving him this chance. The Thomas family

(*Barney is an ex-Romanian street dog).

To all at Moor Cottage

A big thank you for making our Shandi well.

George and Elaine.

Dear Staff at MC

Thank you very much for the lovely card and good wishes I had this morning and of course for all the care you gave Leo over 10 years. He was a great favourite here at Mount Pleasant as he followed me about everywhere in his younger days and was a great character. I found out that he had been beaten with sticks in his first five years of life when a boy passed him holding a stick and Leo just bolted into a hedge. Many thanks for all the hard work you do for the cats and dogs of this area.

Yours sincerely,

John Bassett.

To all at MCVH

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all at MCVH for your care and support for our cat, Dizzy over a number of years. Following her recent short illness we had to say a very sad goodbye to Dizzy; she had quite a presence in our family life and with our neighbours - she is now sorely missed. Our thanks especially to Alex for his caring and thoughtful approach throughout the difficult days, and to the nursing team who cared for Dizzy while she was in residence.

Our best wishes to you all,

The Green family.