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October - December

Dear Moor Cottage Staff

Chris and I wanted to say Thank You for your help with Ronnie and his problems over the past couple of years. He did not have a good start in life as far as we know, and his final months were less than great, but in-between he was contented and happy I think.

So thanks again, especially to Alex who has been kindness personified over the last couple of weeks; thank you Alex.


Vicky and Chris Jenkins

Informative image: Cat lies on the floor.

Hi to the team at Moor Cottage

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanks for looking after Lucy again this year - here are some Festive photos of her looking cute! See you in the New Year - love from Dee, Mike and Sharon Duncan (and of course Lucy the cat!) xx

Informative image: Cat on the bed with a Christmas stocking.Informative image: Cat dressed as a reindeer.

I would just like to thank you for seeing my cat Missy last Wednesday evening at short notice

The staff on the telephone and everyone in the surgery were so welcoming. The vet we saw was very reassuring and gave excellent advice.

Missy has now perked up and is on her way back to being a normal mischevious self. The steriod injection and antibiotics have worked a treat.

Thank you again.

Emma and Missy

Just wanted to say a very special thank you to a very special lady, unfortunately I don't know her name. She was there this morning when I brought Lily my cat of 13 years in, I was so upset and she was so very kind and thoughtful, she talked about the loss of her dogs and talked about how beautiful Lily was and how she could see a special bond between us, and that although it was a heartbreaking decision to make I was doing what was best for Lily and even though I was leaving her there she would always be with me. What truly caring and wonderful member of staff you have, you should be very proud of her she was a wonderful comfort to me today. Please give her my heartfelt thanks,

Sue Cummings-Major

​Feedback during a discharge appointment: Mr and Mrs Wilson were very lovely about everyone here :) they said every time they come in they find another thing to rave about and they can't thank us enough for all our help through everything, especially Alex and Ellie yesterday.

Dear Roberta, Alex, Tina and the rest of the team

Thank you so much for all the care and attention you gave to Luca and Blu over the years. We really do appreciate everything you have done for us and them.

Lots of love,

Marie, Paul, Alexander and Harriet Scarrott xxx

A very big thank you for looking after Charlie during his recent visit and operation.You were all so lovely to him, he looks forward to coming in every time! Thank you for looking after me too, whilst I pretend to be all calm and collected!

Lots of love,

Sally and Charlie xxx

Thanks to you both for providing veterinary care to our two birds last week.  You will be pleased to know that Charlie the cockatiel is progressing very well. The last antibiotic by mouth was administered yesterday, I finally got the hang of administering the dose after watching you! My wife normally does all this but is away in Devon. Steep learning curve for me!

Alex and Tina

Thanks for the condolence card.

Beaky's companion Lilly, a Fisher's love bird, seems to have taken a shine to Charlie and was there at the moment he was reintroduced into the aviary. Birds never cease to amaze me!

Thanks again for your professionalism. The collar was amazing but Charlie didn't need it after all, he showed no signs of licking the wound, so it was removed very soon. A very satisfied customer.

Dave French

Thank you for all your care & attention.

Inca Hatcher

For everybody who met/treated Barley

Thank you - Your patience, kindness and expertise are much appreciated.

Marian Hall

To all the wonderful people who looked after me

From the lovely ladies on reception, to the amazing nurses who took care of me, and a special thank you to the lady who had me in recovery and phoned my human to put his mind at rest (sorry I can't remember your name, but I was very drowsy) and finally Olivia, the friendly and confident vet who made me all better!

You're all splendid humans,

Rufus Bulman