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April - June

A very smiley Staffy who is feeling much better now. We would like to thank you all at Moor Cottage ​once again for taking such good care of her when she had her op earlier this year.

To Alex and Moor Cottage staff on the sad day I had to have my cat Gemma put to sleep you were kind and understanding you handle it with great care, thank you, kind regards, Mrs L Hicks.
Dear Staff, Thank you so much for your care of Semba during his last days. You were all amazing and I really appreciate all you did (as I know he did) Thank you, Miss Teasey.
To MCVH Staff thank you for everything with fluffy jack and the support when he was put to sleep, from Sue, Jason, Jack Swift.To everyone at Moor Cottage, Thank you so much for the card and phone call I had from you when my lovely cat Billy was put to sleep. I miss him so much but it was the kindest decision to make for Billy. Thank you for the care and kindness you all gave to Billy and me whenever we had a visit to Moor Cottage. Kind Regards Mrs dawn Cuthberth.
To all staff at Moor Cottage, We would like to thank you all for the kindness and care you always gave Harvey. He has left a huge void in our hearts. From Caroline, Mike, Danielle and Jennifer Allison.
To all at Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital, Jazmine-a beautiful German Shepard x Rough Collie- saved from a life of misery and abandonment by the RSPCA- joined our family eleven years ago. She was nervous aggressive as sadly she had lost all her trust in people-what had been done to her? Gentleness and patience worked wonders and whilst we were rather concerned about her reaction to staff at Moor Cottage when she first had to be hospitalised for the removal of a mast cell tumour, we needn't have worried. Jaz received first class care and respect; the staff kept in contact with us every step of the way and were there to reassure us of her progress; you really couldn't have expected better. Moor Cottage staff never wavered from the high standards we came to associate with the. Jaz seemed happy to whenever it was necessary and was always keen to spot the doggie biscuit container they kept on the shelf! We have no words for our sadness for our sadness when the end came - she was our best friend and we miss her dreadfully. May we thank all those at Moor Cottage- the receptionists, the nurses, the vets- for the care you gave her throughout her time with us. Thank you, The Lee-Smith family.
To All at MC-be it the vets, nurses, receptionist and of course the lovely physios Michaela and Kim, I want to extend my deepest gratitude for all the support you have given to me and my beloved Tiggi-Moko. I am sorry it has taken so long, I wanted to write sooner but it has been to painful to do so. Tiggi was a huge part of my life for almost 12 years and my role as mummy of fur babies has for the time being been placed beside him. He was the last of my family of 5 and I am certain you will have an inkling of the huge hole his passing has left. The saving grace, if there is one, is that in the end it all happened so quickly, and although I actually had the strangest premonition the morning it happened, it was actually and unpredictable event. What with everything we have battled with-be it the arthritis and then the kidney disease... to think it was seizure caused by a wasp sting was nothing I could've imagined, and as distressing as it was , it meant that I was saved from ever having to make 'that' decision later. Tiggi was my soul mate and best friend. He thought unconditional love.... manners and to 'present' when stroking or slapped haha. He encouraged utter devotion and downright worshiping and could take as much love I had to give. What a blessing it is to have someone really receive the love you give to them. Most of us are so bad at that we push it away . He clearly felt his self-worth in every hair of his body, such a great teacher. This is the first time I have had no fury dependents and its extremely weird. I would remedy that in a heart beat but life style doesn't allow for a huge commitment just yet sadly. That said if I can I would love to help out if you have any emergency fosters needed... so please stay in touch I would love to help. Once again my sincerest thanks, gratitude and love to each and and everyone of you... for all you have done for me and my fury beloveds Penny.