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December Braveheart - Charlie Hardy

This month’s Braveheart is awarded to the gorgeous Charlie Hardy.

Charlie was seen by our out of hours service VetsNow.  He had not returned home all day, in the evening he finally arrived home cold, wet and limping on one of his hind legs. They noticed at VetsNow that Charlie had a kink in his tail lots of pain at the base of his tail, he had also damaged and scuffed his nails showing that he had been involved in some sort of trauma.

Charlie was given some pain relief and then brought to us the next morning, here we examined him again and performed a radiograph (x-ray) to see if he had any other breaks or injuries. Charlie had a tail pull injury which had caused a dislocation at his tail base, he also had a break further down his tail causing the kink.   Due to dislocation at his tail base, causing damage to the spinal cord, Charlie had lost the ability to know when he needed to pass urine and faeces.   We needed to wait for any swelling to go down before we would know if he would regain the ability to urinate or defecate. 

The solution:

We gave Charlie some anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication to help keep him comfortable whilst he was hospitalised and we emptied his bladder manually as necessary. Charlie stayed with us for 48 hours and then went home to be with his owners so he was in familiar surroundings and hopefully would be more likely to pass something at home. 

Firework Season - Free "Stress Less" appointments with our Nurses

We know how stressful the firework season can be for our furry friends, especially now that it can run from October through till January. To help your nervous or agitated pets, we are running our free "Stress less" clinics throughout October and November. Our qualified nurses will advise you on your pet according to their individual needs and provide you with a support programme. Where appropriate, they can also recommend non-prescription products to help ease their stress.

Call us to book your free "Stress less" appointment or pop in and pick up some information to help you and your pet cope with those whizzes and bangs!

The Dogs Trust has some free Sound Therapy & Firework noises downloads available on their website:

Feline Friendly days at Moor House!

As part of our recently awarded Gold Award Cat Friendly Practice we are now able to offer Feline Friendly clinics: a clinic session just for cats!

These clinics will take place in Moor House, our newly refurbished premises adjacent to Moor Cottage, and will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 - 6:15pm.

We are also offering Feline only neutering days in Moor House on Mondays and Wednesdays.

We can help minimise the stress for your furry feline by reserving these clinic times just for cats: no barking dogs in the same building to stress them out!!

If you would like to book your cat in during these times, please ask reception when you call and they can book you a Feline Friendly appointment!

24 Hour Walk For Life at Ascot in Aid of Cancer Research UK

Team Moor Cottage took part on July 22nd in the Ascot  24 hour walk to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. Thirteen members of staff including vets, nurses, reception staff, nursing support and managers made up the team. A whole range of fund raising took place in advance of the event with cake bakes, car washing, mega raffle, a sunflower growing competition and a fun dog show. 

The team walked through the night with various novelty laps including ‘The Queens Knickers’ & ‘The Mummy Competition’ much to everyone’s amusement. The team rose over an amazing £2,000 for this brilliant charity! Thank you to everyone who supported us to smashing our goal.

Cat Friendly Practice

We are pleased to have been accredited as a Gold Award Cat Friendly Practice by the International Society of Feline Medicine. With separate cat and dog waiting areas as well as separate hospital wards, not only are the cats happier, the dogs are less stressed too!

Important information for pet owners insured with More Than/Tesco

If your pet has been newly insured or recently renewed with either More Than or Tesco, (underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance, RSA) and you are seeking referral for treatment elsewhere, there may be certain new restrictions on your policy.

RSA have formed a list of practices (currently 28 referral providers) as their ‘Preferred Providers’ of referral services. They have not been selected as the ‘best providers of referral services’ but they represent the practices who have agreed an arrangement with the RSA group.

This doesn’t stop you asking for a referral to any referral centre that you choose or that your veterinary surgeon advises but there may be certain new conditions imposed by the insurance provider.

If the referral practice you choose is not included in the insurers’ ‘Preferred Provider’ List, you will need to request permission of the insurance company to be referred to your chosen referral practice and you may be subject to an additional fee of £200

There are currently only a small number of referral centres on this list but the list does not include many well respected referral practices who have elected not to join the list for their own reasons.

It is still your decision which referral practice you choose, this is not a restriction by the insurance company but you must make clear which referral centre you will attend with the insurance provider. If you choose one that is not on their list , you are likely to be required to pay an additional £200

These conditions currently apply only to new or recently renewed policies.

Leptospirosis Vaccine Information

There have been some raised concerns over the use of the newer generation L4 (Leptospirosis) vaccination, following reports in the news and on social media.  We would like to provide some more information to clarify some points about the use of vaccine.

Leptospirosis is a potentially fatal condition, transmitted mainly in rodent urine.  As a principal, we vaccinate against the minimum number of conditions. Out of around 260 strains of leptospirosis known worldwide, only 2 strains had been implicated in causing disease in dogs in the UK, so our vaccines only contained these 2 (the L2 vaccine). In recent years concerns over the presence of other strains lead to their inclusion in the vaccines – the L4 vaccine.

We totally understand concerns given what has been online and in the media, however this doesn't seem to be backed up by the evidence (we have checked as we of course want to be sure of the safety of products we are using). The Daily Mail and Telegraph articles which really started the storm quoted the WSAVA (world small animal veterinary association), who are indeed a very respected body who we would follow for advice on these matters.  However the day after publication of the stories they issued statements explaining that they didn't know anything about these reports and aspect of the articles are "blatantly untrue".

The other bodies involved have also distanced themselves from these articles, including the VMD who monitor adverse reactions to veterinary drugs in the uk.  These are summarised here:

Whilst any injection can cause reactions, these are routinely monitored in the whole of the UK and to date over 6 million doses of the L4 vaccine have been given.  Adverse effects, no matter how slight, are reported and collated by the VMD, and medications showing high levels of problems, illness, death or reactions would be flagged up and withdrawn.

Whilst we do not want to pressure our clients into having treatments, we wanted to arm them with reliable evidence and information on which to base their decisions. Leptospirosis is a serious and potentially fatal condition which can infect people too.  Not vaccinating would leave exposure to these risks and to reassure you we have looked into our vaccines choices closely and carefully and we would not use something which posed a significant risk to our clients’ pets.

Do let us know if you would like to discuss this further with one of our team