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This month's Braveheart is Charlie Hardy.

Charlie was seen by our out of hours service, VetsNow.  He had not returned home all day, in the evening he finally arrived home cold, wet and limping on one of his hind legs. They noticed at VetsNow that Charlie had a kink in his tail lots of pain at the base of his tail, he had also damaged and scuffed his nails showing that he had been involved in some sort of trauma.

Charlie was given some pain relief and then brought to us the next morning, here we examined him again and performed a radiograph (x-ray) to see if he had any other breaks or injuries. Charlie had a tail pull injury which had caused a dislocation at his tail base, he also had a break further down his tail causing the kink.   Due to dislocation at his tail base, causing damage to the spinal cord, Charlie had lost the ability to know when he needed to pass urine and faeces.   We needed to wait for any swelling to go down before we would know if he would regain the ability to urinate or defecate. We gave Charlie some anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication to help keep him comfortable whilst he was hospitalised and we emptied his bladder manually as necessary. Charlie stayed with us for 48 hours and then went home to be with his owners so he was in familiar surroundings and hopefully would be more likely to pass something at home.

Only a day later Charlie passed urine at home in his litter traty! This was great news, the owners continued to monitor him at home. Charlie had his check up with the Veterinary Surgeon five days later and he was still urinating and defecating at home – success!! His owners had noticed that he was starting to nibble at his tail and was making it sore and some of the skin was becoming infected, the decision was then made to amputate. The surgery went well and Charlie recovered quickly and comfortably, and went home that same evening.

Charlie has since been signed off as back to normal and has been happy purring and wanting to play.