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This months Braveheart is awarded to a super cute black Labrador called Hector.

At the end of July, Hector was involved in a road traffic accident, resulting in him sustaining injuries to his thorax (chest). He presented at the surgery with breathing difficulties and was treated for shock and given analgesia.

Hector then had radiography imaging of his chest and abdomen to allow us view his injuries and  form a treatment plan. The images revealed contusions, rib fractures and pneumothorax (collapsed lung). A pneumothorax occurs when the lung is injured from either blunt or sharp trauma, resulting in air leaking from the lung into the into the space between the lung and chest wall. This air then causes pressure against the outside of the lung meaning it cannot inflate.

Once we had images we were then able to drain the air from the thoracic cavity to relieve the pressure from the lung so Hector was then able to breathe normally.

Following this procedure Hector was kept in intensive care in the hospital over night on an infusion of strong pain relief and monitored very closely for signs of respiratory distress and internal bleeding.

The next day hector was stable and able to walk out into the garden for some fresh air and we were happy with his progress so soon after his accident.

 The following days he continued to slowly improve and heal so we were able to send him home on strict rest, with regular follow up appointments planned. Three weeks following the accident Hector was able to go out for small regular walks and slowly increase to normal exercise after six weeks.