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Holly was brought in after her owners found her collapsed and unable to walk.  She had been slightly under the weather for a couple of days, but then took a sudden turn for the worst.  She was brought straight down and saw Ellie one of our nurses for a triage appointment.  Ellie found Holly to be very sad, she had pale mucous membranes and a very high heart rate, these are both signs of severe shock.  She was then seen by Alan one of our vets.  Alan chatted to Holly’s owners and they formulated a plan. 

Holly was admitted to hospital where she had an ultrasound scan and x-rays of her chest and abdomen. She also had a blood test and was put on intravenous fluids.  We found that Holly had a mass in her abdomen, this was likely to be on her spleen.  We also found that Holly had been bleeding into her abdomen, so was very anaemic.  Holly was a very brave girl throughout all of these procedures, it was all done while she was awake and conscious, she was an absolute star.

Once we had the answers we needed, Alan had to make the sad phone call. He called Holly’s owners to let them know that Holly had a mass on her spleen and that she would need major surgery to remove it.  Sadly we knew that this mass was likely to be cancerous so the surgery was unlikely to be a complete cure.  Holly’s owners had a difficult decision to make.  Happily for Holly they decided to go ahead.

She was immediately prepped for surgery, and taken to theatre.  Holly did very well and once back in recovery under the care of our lovely nurses she continued to improve.  She was on some strong pain relief and needed some encouragement to eat but 3 days after her surgery she was sent home to her owners, she was happy and strong.

Holly you are a lovely girl and a star patient you deserve this months Braveheart.