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Winter Love

Winter Love, A breath of fresh air!

Show your pet a little extra love this winter with our wonderful offers.

For a limited period we are offering up to 35% off any dental procedure advised by a vet. Plus, have the initial vet consult fee refunded against the cost of the dental treatment!

Here at Moor Cottage we are keen to look after our patient’s dental health. By the age of 5 most pets will be in need of some form of dental work due to a combination of dietary and genetic factors. Some unlucky ones may need treatment from as early as one year of age!

Infection associated with dental disease can gradually cause damage to other vital organs through bacteria getting into the bloodstream.  Dental work in animals isn’t cosmetic, it will either be a preventative procedure to try and stop future loss of teeth or it will be to resolve painful conditions already present.

Please call up today on 01344 450345 to book a vet dental check & show your pet a little extra love!