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Pets are extremely good at hiding oral pain and often show no outward signs of discomfort with even very severe dental disease. Just because they are eating normally does not mean a bad tooth is not causing discomfort. Owners often only realise that their pet was in pain after treatment has been carried out.

Some animals will benefit from pre-operative antibiotics, depending on the stage of their dental disease - this will be discussed on an individual basis by your vet.

Dentals are performed under a general anaesthetic as we are only able to perform a very basic examination on a conscious animal.

Once under anaesthetic a full oral examination is carried out. If there is any indication of dental disease dental xrays can be taken to show what is going on below the surface and check for internal tooth disease. These are kept on your pet's medical records for future reference. We take before and after photos for you to look at.

We have the latest equipment and constantly update our techniques to enable us to perform surgical tooth extractions efficiently and with the greatest of care for your pet.

Informative image: Veterinary staff conferring.

Informative image: A cat being put under at the vets.