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In-patient FAQs

What care is provided for the inpatients at Moor Cottage?

The following protocol is part of our standard policy:

Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital Minimum In-Patient Care

  • Patient identifiable at all times.
  • Patient kept clean, warm and groomed including having face washed.
  • Bedding checked regularly and changed as necessary.
  • Food and water provided for patient’s clinical requirements.
  • Toileting allowed for by walking dogs at least twice daily in garden and cats’ litter tray changed as necessary.
  • Safe and stress free handling wherever possible.
  • Client contacted at least once daily.

Information to be gathered and recorded

  • Patient demeanour, mental state and appearance.
  • Temperature, pulse rate and respiration rate at least twice daily or hourly if required.
  • Patient weighed once daily.
  • Weight and type of food offered and ingested.
  • Volume of water offered and ingested.
  • Faeces and urine produced or not including its description, volume, how and where deposited.
  • Discharges or vomiting (detail as above for faeces).
  • Any other aspects of patient behaviour or changes.

Clinical procedures

  • Medications to be given as directed by the Veterinary Surgeon.
  • Sampling e.g. blood or urine as directed by Veterinary Surgeon.
  • Specific measurements e.g. blood pressure, urine volume as directed.

Veterinary Surgeon check and review a minimum of twice daily.

Continual nursing presence in the hospital ward from 6.00am to 12.00 midnight. Monitoring of patients overnight is tailored to the clinical requirements of the individual and can be continuous.

A veterinary surgeon must be informed immediately if you have any concerns regarding a patient’s clinical state.