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MOT Blood Screen

What is an MOT blood screen?

At Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital we like to keep out patients healthy.

The MOT Blood Screen looks at a range of the body’s function providing important information on the general health of your pet.

We hope to find that everything is normal. This is great news but also provides us with a base level for your pet for the future. Monitoring these trends can give advanced warning of problems before symptoms arise. Thus, an MOT blood screen is very valuable in supporting and caring for your pet long term. The earlier we can detect a problem, the sooner we can start treatment. Also if we need to use certain medications it is always good to know how well the pet’s organs are coping.

Gold MOT screen (28 indicators)

A wide screening which helps the early detection of diseases whilst also providing a good indication of your pet’s normal levels.

The parameters tested include:

  • ALT & ALKP – raised levels of either of these are associated with liver damage or disease
  • BUN & Creatinine – raised levels of either of these would indicate kidney problems. We would then recommend investigation of kidney function. Treatment / support might be as simple as altering a pet’s diet.
  • Glucose – looking for diabetes as well as other slightly rarer metabolic problems.
  • Total Protein – can indicate dehydration, level of bowel function and is important in helping to interpret the other results
  • Albumin – a protein which can indicate dietary, gut or liver issues
  • Globulin – another protein more associated with inflammation and infection as it is a measure of antibody levels.
  • Electrolytes – we measure the main salts in the body:
  • Sodium, Potassium and Choride - providing us with an overall picture of the body’s organ functions when considered alongside the other results listed here.
  • Full Blood Cell Count – a detailed set of results providing information on possible anaemia, infection, inflammation and blood clotting as well as an indication of parasite or allergy based problems. Checking on part of your pet’s immune system.

Platinum MOT screen (34 indicators)

Has all the tests of the Gold profile but in addition we also run a further six screens:

  • Calcium – an important mineral associated with good bone formation, certain metabolic problems and can indicate specific cancers.
  • Phosphate – also associated with bone but can show raised levels when kidney function is poor.
  • Cholesterol – not quite as important as in human medicine but in our pets it can be associated with hormonal problems.
  • Total Bilirubin – associated with the bile system and liver as well as occasional blood cell pathologies and certain types of anaemia.
  • Lipase – can indicate pancreatic problems associated with digestion, illness or even pancreatic cancer.
  • GGT – another liver enzyme which helps define the area and the extent to which the liver is damaged or diseased.