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Repeat Prescriptions & Pet Food Orders

For patients requiring long term medication we provide a repeat prescription service. You can request repeat prescriptions online, or by phone or in reception. Please allow two working days for this service.

As stated by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons we are legally required to re-examine all patients requiring prescription medication to assess their progress. This must be carried out every 6 months at a minimum (this is equivalent to every 3 years in human terms).

You can request pet food orders online, or by phone or in reception. Please allow 2 working days for this service.

Notes on Veterinary Prescriptions:

  • The Medicines Act imposes a number of rules and regulations that govern the choice of drugs a Veterinary Surgeon can prescribe for the treatment and control of illness in a patient under his/her care. These are legal requirements which if not adhered to can have very serious consequences on the Veterinary Surgeon involved. As Veterinary Surgeons we have to follow this set of criteria which provide a distinct 'order of preference' (cascade) for the medications we can use and thus prescribe. Substitution of a different medication for a named licensed Veterinary Medication may be illegal. Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital accepts no responsibility for the safety, withdrawl periods or efficacy of any substituted medications nor any liability for any losses howsoever sustained. All such liabilities rest exclusively with the dispenser.
  • "Under Our Care": The Veterinary Surgeon must have been given responsibility for the health of the animal by the owner or the owner's agent. The responsibility must be real and not nominal.
  • The animal must have been seen immediately before prescription and supply or recently enough or often enough for the Veterinary surgeon to have personal knowledge of the condition of the animal. We understand that "recently seen" should be taken to be within the last 3-6 months although many animals may require to be seen more frequently to allow safe prescribing, depending on individual circumstances.
  • When a clinical examination is carried out to determine an individual's condition, response to therapy and/or consideration for ongoing therapy and thus provide a further prescription or course of treatment a fee will be charged as per standard consultation fees at Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital.
  • Our clients should note that it may be illegal to acquire or be in possession of drugs when purchased via a prescription when the supplier and/or source of the drugs are outside the United Kingdom e.g. internet purchases of foreign equivalent drugs. The same may be true if generic non-licensed products are substituted for the licensed product named on the prescription in this country. If you have any concerns regarding this matter we suggest you seek advice from the relevant authorities, such as the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.
  • It would be very helpful if when you bring your pet in for clinical examination that any treatment the pet is on or has been prescribed recently is brought in at the same time.

Please note: There will be separate charges payable to the pharmacist for providing this prescription covering such things as the cost of the drug and any additional fees they charge. This fee will need to be paid direct to the pharmacist.