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As a Veterinary Hospital our team of qualified staff offer first class veterinary treatment and advice. We aim to keep your much loved pets in the very best of health whether they need life saving surgery or a more routine but important vaccination.

What we do

We offer consultations throughout the day for all your pets' needs. All our appointments are 15 minutes to ensure your pets are thoroughly examined and so that you don’t feel rushed. Each of our consultation rooms has all the latest equipment for the vet to examine your pet in a secure, comfortable and air conditioned environment. Appointments can be made by telephone, at reception or you can request an appointment online. When emergencies occur, appointments may run late but we aim to keep you informed at such times.

As well as caring for your poorly pets, we want to help you keep them in good health. This includes regular vaccinations, worming and flea control and to help you further with this, we offer our VIP Club.

As a Veterinary Hospital we offer routine neutering through to the most advanced life saving surgery. Our modern surgical facilities provide your pet with the gold standard of anaesthesia and care at hospital level.

We know how worrying it can be when your pet has to stay in the hospital so we provide comfortable purpose built kennels with climate control. Our separate cat and dog wards help to provide a stress free environment along with DAP and Feliway diffusers. Our wards are monitored day and night by our dedicated nursing staff ensuring plenty of cuddles are given! We are always happy to arrange a time for you to come and visit your pet in our hospital.